The Line of Gemini – Part 4

Eli wasn’t too accommodating when it came to details. Sunny had hoped he would open up more in the car – turned out he wasn’t in the mood. Sunny rolled her eyes back into her head, so far, she was sure they’d stayed there. She turned up the radio loud. She imagined stories in her head, but her mind just went to her, Eli, and Tod. They all lived together. Five years ago, her parents had found Tod naked in the woods five years ago. Two weeks ago, they’d found Eli on their doorstep, with the same clothing situation. Same lack of clothing situation, that is.

That had been interesting.

So, they had to keep the whole thing hush hush. Her parents told everyone that they adopted them from an adoption agency.

But Sunny and her parents didn’t even know the truth. Because nothing the boys said made sense. They said they’d moved from foster parent to foster parent, kept getting abused – but both him and Tod showing up out of the blue? No, that was too big of a coincidence. There was something going on here and she was going to figure it out.

“What’s your greatest wish?” That was what Tod had asked her once.

Sunny had said, “I want to go to space. Either that or be a great scientist that invents time travel or something nifty like that. What about you?”

Tod shrugged. “Maybe be normal, I guess.”

Whatever that meant.

She wanted Tod to be safe. But it seems like he was already coming home with scrapes and bruises, always saying he’d been jumped on the way back from a friend’s house. Then there was the whole meteorite incident. That thing had almost killed both her and Tod, crushed them inside their car. Something had pushed that giant piece of rock off the vehicle, but she didn’t know who it was. Weirdly enough, Eli had shown up shortly after that incident.

She shook her head, trying to get out of her own head. The air conditioner was on full blast and Sunny was freezing, but she knew better than to say anything. These boys were like furnaces. As in their normal temperature was a few degrees above a normal human’s. Like 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

She had to admit it was strange. Just a little.

“So are any more of you coming?” she inquired. They’d been driving for about an hour now and she was getting sick of the silence.  

“Sorry, what?” Eli said. His voice took on a gravelly tone. “What do you mean?”

“Any more naked guys,” she said. Hey, it was a valid question after it had already happened twice.

Tod laughed, but Eli stayed silent. Sunny let out a snicker. “Umm, that was sort of a joke. You can laugh.”  

Eli’s eyes scrolled over her and then he looked out the window, still didn’t say anything.