The Line of Gemini – Part 5

Tod cared about that human girl way too much for Eli’s liking. If they were going to go back to the Milky Way, then Eli couldn’t have anything dragging them down. He sensed that Tod was finally relaxing behind him, and that meant that his mind was open, at least part of the way. Eli stole inside.

Tod didn’t struggle much, just a little. Eli saw his thoughts, peeled through them like pages of a book. Sunny, Sunny, and more Sunny. Ugh.

Hey, stay out of my thoughts. Tod put his hands behind his head, smiling dopily.

You’re such a weakling. Sunny? Really?

There was no reply, just Tod kicking the back of his chair. “Are we there yet?” he whined like a child.

I thought you wanted to be brothers again. I thought you wanted to grant wishes again.


“I do!” Tod said aloud.

“Huh?” Sunny said. She turned around, a smile stretching her face. “You do what?”

“Oh.” Tod turned red. “Nothing…”

Sunny laughed; it was an irritating, loud sound, felt like someone was raking their claws through his mind. He looked at Tod.

Tod. What are you thinking? Do you want to stay here?

If you want to talk, do it out loud, Tod replied.

Eli clenched his fists, and Tod sighed.

I want to grant wishes on Earth, he said. There. Happy?

“What?” Eli barked, turning around to face Tod.

“Um. Eli. I didn’t say anything,” Sunny said. “Oh my goodness, you are really stressing me out. You look – upset.”

 “I. Am. Not. Upset.”

“Really? You sound like it.”

“No.” Eli shook his head. He was more than upset. He was furious. He had left the Milky Way for this joke – this joke who was supposed to be his other half, who was supposed to rule with him – and now he didn’t even want to go back? Without him, he couldn’t leave Earth. Without him, he was stuck here.

“Juicy Fruit?” Sunny inquired, popping a stick of gum into her own mouth.

“Sure,” Tod said, accepting a stick from her.


“No thanks,” he said. He crossed his arms over his chest, then his eyes widened as a deer ran out into the road. They narrowly missed it; Eli distinctly heard the tap of its back leg on the headlight.

“Holy crap,” Sunny said. “That was a close one.”

Then there was a skidding sound and a star flashed through the window next to Eli. Glass shattered second. What Eli felt first was the fire pricking his body. Sunny screamed and the car dove into a ditch on the side of the road.

“What the hell was that?” Sunny shrieked.