FINALLY, You may get the chance to change your Playstation Network ID name

Oh, thank you Sony for finally letting us “the user” change our stupid, outdated ID names. Well, not yet, it will be at least 2018 before the changes happen.

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For PlayStation fans, this has been a downside for years. Not being able to change your Online ID names was awful but there’s a reason why Sony didn’t allow it.

Trolling was at a all-time high and online gamers who were the trolls was able to change their usernames without getting caught.  In 2014, Sony had ideas of changing the rule of not being able to change your ID name  but decided against it due to the fact that it would allow for trolls to do it as well.

In a interview at PlayStation Experience, the company’s Shawn Layden said he had hoped  to announce the changes by next year’s experience.

Layden, however did not go into specifics but he did say that technical solutions are “way more complex than you think.”

However, there is no certainty, Sony has been talking about the idea for years now and the way it sounds, it most likely won’t happen in 2019 but when it does I will be the first one in line to change my username but before you do get the chance to change it, here’s some thoughts.

Don’t change your name to your actual real-name or add something that’s got your personal info and always remember that if Sony changes their rules, you can change your ID name at anytime.