Another “Super Earth” has been discovered

Another day, another super planet that is “perfect for humans.”¬† It’s unfortunate that the planet is 111 light years away or in miles- 5.879 x 10 to the 12 (Any math people in here).

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K2-18b orbits with in the “Goldilocks” zone or habitable zone of a red dwarf star in the Leo constellation.

The study was done by the University of Toronto and University of Montreal in Canada  with a dataset coming from High Accuracy Radial Velocity Planet Searcher or HARPS for short.

Using a machine-learning approach on the research for the planet, researchers was able to tell a difference if the planet was a rocky-gaseous or if the planet was more Earth like with a layer of ice.

Come to find out, the planet is a rocky base with Earth like features that could allow for the planet to have alien life.

With the future of the James Webb Space Telescope, researchers will be able to tell more about the planet before even ever getting the chance to visit the planet if it were to be possible.

While studying K2-12b, researchers found another planet and named it K2-12c, however the planet will never be inhabitable due to the planet being so close to the red dwarf sun.

With scientists finding more and more planets that are habitable to humans and other life, it’s looking more and more likely that humans will be able to survive after the Earth’s demise.