Is it time for window blinds to get rid of cords

A recent study shows that companies should think about getting rid of their cords on window binds. Well, to state the obvious here, they should be.

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Between 1990 and 2015, over 17,000 children have been injured by the cords which can tangle around your throat and choke you. Even through this doesn’t happen to older people, it does happen very often to a young child.

Even through the injuries to the 17,000 were minor, almost 300 kids have died due to strangulation from the cords.

A mother of one of the victims, Linda Kaiser says “this should be a wake-up call to the public, retailers, manufacturers, and the parents of young children all over the nation to really see how hazardous the cords are.” Kaiser’s one year old daughter in 2002 died because she got caught up in the cords and strangled to death. The cord that she strangled on was a hidden cord that was looped like a noose.

A spokesperson for the Window Covering Association says that stores and retailers will not be able to sell the window binds once new regulations are passed. However, you will be able to still buy the window binds from a custom order.

The regulations are awaiting approval from the American National Standards Institute and once approved they will be put in to regulation by late 2018.

However, this will only stop 80 percent of window bind order as another 20 percent will be allowed under regulation.

The study also looked at medical journals as far back as 1945 that show that children were in danger of choking after studying two accidental hangings that the children survived.

The study was published on Monday, December, 3 in the journal Pediatrics


NOTE: the image above is a simulation of a doll that is the size of a young child choking on a bind. This image is only used for story purposes only.