The Line of Gemini – Part 6

“Tod, come on!” Eli opened the car door.

“I am not going out there.”

“Yes, you are!” Eli snapped. He grabbed Tod by the throat. “If you care about Sunny, you will.” Tod gulped, and Eli let go of him. He’d have no trouble listening now. Eli stepped out into the dark night and saw a woman hovering in the air, a halo of golden energy below her feet. A cape flowed behind her and she wore a mask with red horns and a tight fitting dark jumpsuit. Tod crept out to stand beside Eli.

Eli grabbed his hand. “Focus.”

“I don’t know if I can do this anymore.”

“Sure you can.”  

The woman floated closer. “Hmm. For being twins, you sure don’t look alike.”

“Does it matter? Two heads are better than one,” Tod said.

“That was a terrible joke.” Her eyes narrowed. “Just like you.”

She fired two jets of white energy out of her hands. Tod and Eli ducked. Eli closed his eyes, feeling Tod’s power combine with his. His arm glowed with light and with a flick of his wrist, he sent shards of stars in the woman’s direction. A few pierced her body, but she kept coming closer.

On three.

One, Eli thought.

Two, Tod thought.


White energy shot from their hands, but the woman ducked out of the way and then created a staff of light. She swung the weapon with all her strength, and it lanced across Eli’s face. He let out a yelp as burns crept up his skin. Tod whimpered slightly from the pain as well, but managed to tamp it down. He created a chain out of the light with his remaining energy as well as Eli’s. Eli groaned.

The chain wrapped around the woman’s ankle. She fell off her halo board and Tod jumped on her. His fingers splayed across her chest. Her energy left her body, and he felt himself and Eli getting stronger. Her face turned from the pale white of stars to the moldy deadness of night.

Tod stood up, looked at Eli behind him. His heart jumped when he saw Sunny in front of the car, staring at them. Her face was a mask of confusion, and her hands rested on the car’s hood. Tod could see that she was shivering; her teeth were chattering and her eyes were wide with fear. Now she had finally seen. He’d wanted to tell her for so long. Now they could finally explain themselves.

“What are you?” she said, her voice a mere whisper. “What was that?”