The Line of Gemini – Part 7

“Tod and I were not at an orphanage together,” Eli began. He hated that this had happened. He wished that he and Tod had been able to go alone, but the moment he’d mentioned the eclipse (the eclipse was an excuse for the record) Sunny had freaked out and begged to go with him. Shouldn’t have mentioned it at the dinner table.

“Figured that much!” Sunny was hysterical. What she had just seen defied science. And that had always been so trustworthy, up until now. Now she was scared, shaking, goosebumps popping over her skin. But I was right. Something weird was going on. Truth be told, she didn’t always rely on science, despite what her parents wished. She was still way too superstitious and her dad, who was a physicist, and her mom, a chemist, couldn’t stand that.

Tod stepped closer to her and took her hand in his. After seeing what he’d done to that woman, she was partly afraid, but he was so warm that she stayed put. He smelled burnt, a little like a s’more, but she realized that was what he always smelled like. She’d figured it was cologne.

“Tod.” Eli pulled Tod away from her, and he rubbed at his lip, embarrassed, but grinning goofily.

“So basically, what we are, to answer your question…” Tod began.

“We’re Setareh,” Eli said.

“Yeah.” Sunny’s eyebrow went up even higher. “Um, going to have to explain that a little more.”

“The first Setareh were formed by powerful stars, and we just grew from there.” Eli paused. “We grant wishes to people,” he added.

“Huh?” Sunny said. “What are you talking about?”

“We’re from the line of Gemini,” Tod said, but that only confused Sunny more.

“Uhh…” Sunny looked up at the sky. “Gemini. Like the horoscope.”

“It’s a constellation,” Tod said helpfully.

“Oh, yeah. I knew that,” Sunny said. “But so what? You’re a constellation? That makes no sense. Are there other human constellations too?”

“Well, we’re not human, and not exactly constellations either,” Eli said, trying not to sound insulted. “Like I said before, the first Setareh were born from stars, and the humans, back when they knew who we were years ago, named the constellations after us.”

“Okay then…” Sunny said. “This is not what I expected.”

“Geminis are the rulers in our world,” Eli said. “Tod and I were the heirs to the throne, but we were in a political argument. And this was obviously a problem since we’re connected. So I – “

“Wait, hold up, hold up, hold up,” Sunny said. She looked between the two of them, remembering how they had fought together. “Connected?”

“Yeah. We’re stronger together,” Tod said. “We share thoughts; we know when the other is in danger…that’s pretty much it.”

“So, I cut Tod off,” Eli said, flying through the words like they were no big deal. “Tod fell to Earth and that’s how you found him. And it was fine, ruling and everything, until…”

“They found out that I was still alive and started attacking me to get to you, hoping that you would leave. Because you were a bad ruler,” Tod said.

Eli cuffed Tod on the shoulder and thought the nastiest word he could. Tod’s eyes flashed but he just shook his head to clear it, shifted to one side. “Yeah. Like I said, stronger together.”