Loneliness is a public health concern [1]. Loneliness is linked to depression and suicide [3]. Adult, white, heterosexual men have the least friends of all groups [2]. White men kill themselves at higher rates than every other demographic [4]. Half of all suicides are carried out with firearms [4]. Registered gun-owners are more likely to be “white, male, married, conservative, older, and from rural [re: non-inner city poor] areas”[5]. They are also more likely to feel “socially alienated”[5]. This social alienation has roots in economic and education levels, but I won’t explore those roots here as there is already a lot of literature about what it’s like to be poor and white [6][12].

When people are alone, they tend to have more inflammation and stress hormones [11]. Most cults recruit people during especially stressful times in their life [13]. Indeed, many terrorist recruiters can turn lonely people into “violent extremists” by capitalizing on their fears and insecurities [14]. The things people do to fit in somewhere and be accepted, huh?

So when I hear people say things like”…since he was in middle school, it was no surprise to anyone that knew him that he was the shooter. Those talking about how we should have not ostracized him, you didn’t know this kid! We did!” I don’t think they really understand their own position on the subject. Part of a larger speech [8], the words of Emma Gonzalez have been described by many as powerful and moving.

Many see it as a galvanizing call-to-arms in the aftermath of one of the worst tragedies to rock this nation since Columbine. It is natural to think this justifies throwing aside the fact that Nikolas Cruz was a social outcast. It is immaterial to the main point. The main point being that “Guns are Evil”. This assertion is of course central to the ineffable magnificence of Progressivism and the inexorable pull of civilization to cleanse our great nation of hideous violence through gun control. We, the eminently beneficent Left, just “know better than you” [9].

I don’t know if simply including Nikolas Cruz in the reindeer games of high school would have prevented him from doing what he did. Hell, remembering my own high school days, I remember seeing plenty of teary-eyed miserable teenagers with tons of friends who might have harbored thoughts of ill-will toward their cohorts. But when 92 of the last 95 mass shootings were male [7], and 54 were white [7], I wonder. Are guns really the cause?


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