iPhone X Review

It feels so good to be back here in Whim. While I don’t usually share my opinion on things, I felt that this would be the perfect chance to talk about the iPhone X, which I got over the summer on a payment plan through my cell phone service. I actually thought that the iPhone X would be much better than the Samsung Galaxy S6 that I had, but oh boy, I was dead wrong.

iPhone X; image from T-Mobile
iPhone X; image from T-Mobile

Speed of the phone: For those that have always been owners of iPhones, it is impossible to tell the difference between a Galaxy and an iPhone. However, within my first week with the phone, I could tell that the phone was much slower when compared with the Galaxy S6. This baffled me. Why would a phone that is three years older than the iPhone X be faster?  A speed test that was conducted by PCMag in May found that between the new Galaxy S9 and iPhone X, the Galaxy was much faster. I have concluded that the Galaxy S6 I had was a little faster than the phone that I’m going to end up shelling out $999 for.

WiFi: Now I know people are going to say that “Your problem is the type of WiFi that you have, it sucks… you’ll have to get a new service.” But here’s my question, when using the university’s WiFi, why is my connection to the WiFi always kicking me off when using an iPhone? I did not have that problem last year with the Galaxy S6, and it worked just fine. After reading about the iPhone on different forums, other users have the same issues with their iPhones. This is an issue that won’t be fixed any time soon and that’s not my worst concern with the iPhone.

Calling someone: Whenever I call someone anywhere, in a building or outdoors, I cannot hear the person that I’m calling. That’s just flat out bad technology when you cannot hear the other person on the phone. This is my biggest issue with the phone. Imagine having an interview with someone on this phone and having to ask them a hundred times to repeat what they had just said to you.

I never thought I’d have a chance to get the iPhone X and now, I regret ever getting it. I feel for those poor souls that are about to spend $1500 for the newest iPhone XS Max (the actual name of the phone).


Featured Image from Techspot.com