The Purge on Facebook has Begun Ahead of US Elections

Facebook has begun the process of deleting social pages that could influence the 2018 U.S. midterm elections.

On Thursday, Facebook had proudly announced that they had removed over 800 political pages and accounts for what they called “coordinated inauthentic behavior and spamming.”

Those people who have to deal with their pages being deleted are angry at the social media giant and say they are being “targeted for practices that are common across the entire social network,” according to the Guardian.

This is another part in the saga of determining who is a so-called political “bot” or an actual person. However, Facebook, as well as many others, did end up deleting the profiles for Alex Jones and his show Infowars because of similar activity and numerous wrongdoings.

Facebook has also released a way for its users to report inaccurate information that is designed to suppress voter turnouts. It is believed that this method was used during the 2016 US presidential elections and since then, Facebook has been working on removing these types of pages.

According to American Civil Liberties Union attorney Vera Eidelman, despite the fact that Facebook is a private entity, “they could face serious free speech consequences, especially if the social network is selectively enforcing its terms based on the content of the pages.”

Unfortunately, determining whether or not someone is a “bot” or not is a very hard task for social media companies. We may just label them as a “bot” just because we don’t like what they say. However, if social media companies are trying to take people off their site just because they do not have the “right” view, they could end up staring down at the faces of the Supreme Court Justices.