Video glasses: The screen that travels with you

Devices that enhance portable devices are becoming more common; one such entity are video glasses. These are glasses that plug into your portable devices and work as miniature screens which you can take with you wherever you go.

Video glasses came to the market not too long ago and have become rapidly more sophisticated in their appearance. The original devices looked clunky and hardly like glasses in the least bit and looked closer to giant goggles. Updates in technology with how we make TVs forced progress in these devices’ appearance, and design. The screens use anything from CRT, LCDs, Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOs) to OLED for their displays. These updated displays allow for the device to become smaller and sleeker in appearance looking much more like actual glasses then they once did. Some of the devices have speakers built into the arms of the glasses, while others sport ear buds that fit snugly into the ear.

One company producing video glasses is Myvu. They bill their glasses as personal media viewers(PMV). Their PMVs come with the built in ear buds and are among the more stylish looking glasses. The company claims that the screens built into some of their glasses is equivalent to an 80″ screen.

Another company selling video glasses is Zetronix. Their version of video glasses looks closer to the visor from Star Trek than actual glasses. The one advantage to the product they offer is built-in memory. With the built-in memory one does not need to worry about attaching their glasses to a media device such as an iPod or video-capable mp3 player.

Vuzix, another company in this market, offers a combination of devices similar to both of its competitors. The more glasses-looking of the devices it offers is not quite as sleek and stylish in appearance as the ones sold by Myvu, but they are definitely less blocky then the ones sold by Zetronix. They also have the built in ear buds and brag that the device is plug and play.

Video glasses have plenty of applications for the college student. With built in headphones and a comfortable fit, it is the perfect way to watch a movie without disturbing your roommate. Not really feeling like paying attention to a lecture? No problem; just slip on these ‘sunglasses’ and a hoodie and none is the wiser. This same application could be used for anything that is less than exciting and not important.

Cover and Story photo from Creative Commons