True Spring

Spring is tricky.

It comes and goes and comes again,
One day warm,
The next one cold,
The next warm again.

I thought spring came a month ago,
But it didn’t stick.

Then I thought it came two weeks ago.
It didn’t stick then either.

I’d like to think it’s come today.
It’s sunny now,
The wind is warm and gentle,
The grass green,
The trees have bloomed.

I’m hesitant to be hopeful.

I know True Spring is coming,
I know that it has to arrive eventually.

That doesn’t make false springs hurt less.

But today the birds are singing,
The squirrels are out and about once more,
And all of my friends are complaining of allergies,
So I think it might finally be happening.

I think that spring, real, true, lively, spring,
Has arrived.