iPhone 11 introduced to the public

Apple has officially announced the iPhone 11, and oh boy, you can probably label this phone in your top 10 Most Ugly Smart Phones of Our Generation list with those three huge cameras on the back of the phone. These added lenses are supposed to help with the quality of pictures and videos taken on the phone, but they have instead led to people commenting about their trypophobia. Besides that, the true 10th generation of the iPhone has a lot looking up for it, including a much better price that people can afford. So here’s what’s new on Apple’s head of the table.

For those always looking for faster download speeds with WiFi, the iPhone 11 will be supporting the next generation of wireless networking known as WiFi 6. Currently, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is the only other phone to have this software. The only issue for most users is that WiFi 6 isn’t the cheapest thing in the world, and most people or businesses don’t even have the software yet, so it’s going to be some time before iPhone 11 users will be able to use this new feature.

Another important feature to know about the iPhone 11 is that fast charging is finally here for those who buy the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max (sorry to those who get the regular iPhone). For years, Android users have been able to use this feature with their USB-C chargers, which will be coming to Apple users now. The feature was described as Apple users being able to charge their phones to 50% in a 30 minute period.

Most people won’t notice this, but the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max will be a tad bit heavier than the XS and XS Max. This is due to the extra camera lenses and the heavier battery needed for quick charging. As well as being heavier, the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max will have many more pixels compared to the iPhone 11 and X. The extra pixels just mean a better quality image that the user sees when using the phone.

The last thing to think about, and this goes to most iPhone users from iPhone SE to the upcoming iPhones (sorry to iPhone 5S and 6 users but y’all need to update), is that iOS 13 comes out on September 19th and, only 11 days later, iOS 13.1 will be available for download. It is currently unknown what this update will bring to iPhone users but it is rumored to be the U1-powered AirDrop feature.

We are just days away from the newest iPhone. If you or someone you know on campus plans on getting it, please do let us know, and they (or you) are more than welcome to write a review on the new iPhone 11.