Vaping Industry Takes a “Hit”

The vaping industry has taken a huge step off a cliff over the past few days, with regulations galore over the horizon after President Trump in a press brief promising more regulation of companies like JUUL. Along with the alarming amount of people who have been hospitalized over the past few weeks, with six people dead now. However, the argument for no further regulations is still reasonable. Think of it like this, the reason that we saw the rise of e-cigarettes and vaping was due to cigarettes being a health hazard to millions of Americans. Every year we see over 480,000 people die from smoking, and that number includes 41,000 people who die from just second-hand smoke. 1,300 people a day, around 54 people every hour, one person every minute if you want to get down to the numbers. So, by the time you have finished reading this article, statistically at least 3 people would had died from smoking cigarettes.

So what is the focus of regulating vaping? Is it for the health and well being of Americans, or are we realizing that people either constantly vape and there’s no stopping point until you run out of juice, which that can take awhile, or is it the fact that more and more states are increasing the age of smoking to 21 years old, resulting in younger people having to find other ways to get their hit or rush, which is now the unregulated and harmful vape pods that have more chemicals than a Tide Pod. We all know that nicotine is harmful to us as it is a very addictive chemical, but as the saying goes, “anything that you can spell or say, is something that you probably shouldn’t put in your body.”

People underestimate how much the vaping business has helped former smokers quit cigarettes, and that part should never be forgotten about; however, in the end more regulation is needed for the younger generations who are picking up vaping, Like it or not, vaping has become the gateway drug to much harder items, and of course it’s easier to get than marijuana, which, while still illegal on the federal level, has a better approval rating than vaping.

There’s nothing wrong with vaping if you want to vape or smoking if you want to smoke, but realize this: in the end it is your health and there’s plenty of people in your life that care about you. The health crisis will end soon enough, and vaping will reach new heights, but it is on its way to replacing marijuana as the ultimate gateway drug, and it is something that was never intended as an alternative to smoking.