Behind the Curtain: Writers

Last week, Behind the Curtain looked into the world of a video gamer animator, and what they do with the creation of a video game. This week, we’re looking into a very common position in tons of entertainment jobs in general, and that position is the writer.

You may have said to yourself, “Well that’s easy, it’s just writing, I can do that.” Well, we hate to burst your bubble, but video game writing isn’t just putting a bunch of words together and calling it a day. We hate to be the first to tell you this, but you are just as dead wrong as you would be if you were saying that Liberty is a better school than Radford.

A video game writer is like a script writer for a movie, especially when they are doing a story driven game, but if they had to create enough content for not just the movie, but also a few episodes for the TV series after the movie (that will never be as good as the movie, but it does just fine for the gamers who want to get the satisfaction of 100% completion).

There are plenty of jobs in the gaming business, but there aren’t a ton that involve writing, and along with the fact that there isn’t any job security for someone who brings only one or two items to the table for the game, writing consists of hard work and tons of ideas that will be rejected, but that one idea could be a game changer (get it?). Writing is hard enough to begin with, and we must accept the fact that writers (including the person who wrote this article) are not perfect, and they must be willing to learn.

As a video game script writer, you don’t need to be entirely loyal to one company and one company only, but if you want to work for a certain company, you won’t just walk in and be hired to work on the project that is literally the company’s “baby.” You will need to actually play that company’s games and learn about the style that they want for their game, and after you spend time learning about that company’s games, then maybe you might be ready to work for that company as a writer.

Just don’t give up after the first time of being denied, it takes time, effort, and hard work to achieve your dream job, and being denied once doesn’t mean that you were destined to fail, but if you try to send in your fan works to them, then yeah, you might be facing some troubles.

Just remember as a writer for anything, whether it is journalism, video games, movies, TV, or even just the old fashion novels, the only way of succeeding is to learn and work hard like you have never worked hard in your life. Failure is just a part of the business, that’s why those guys are the ones on top of the food chain today: they accepted failure and learned from it.