Tiresome Tabloids

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Recently I have noticed the news has gotten out of hand with its offbeat stories. I have noticed public interest waning as newscasters and tabloids beat the same stories to death every day, and it needs to stop.

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Has anyone heard about the Tiger Woods car crash? Of course you have. Everyone has to have at least heard that it happened. I personally do not mind Tiger Woods; and I like golf, but I do not care about his car crash, why it happened or that he might have a mistress. All the public really cares to know is that he was in a car crash and he is going to be able to play golf again. What is the use of musing over the cause of his accident or whether or not he is seeing someone other than his wife? Perhaps this might make him a less than perfect role model, but I am sure we can all stand to stay out of his personal life.

Another story that has been irritating the masses is the one about Michaele and Tareq Salahi crashing the White House dinner. Yes, it is disheartening that security can prevent terrorists from attacking the United States, yet they cannot seem to prevent those sneaky socialites from getting into a high-profile dinner. Even so, we do not really care who manages to slip into the party (so long as they are not terrorists), but we definitely care why security did not manage to stop them. What is worse is that this pair is a part of the