Don’t Be Left4Dead 2

Valve, the makers of Left4dead, recently released the sequel to their popular game. Left4Dead2 is moreof the same zombie killing goodness that its predecessor flaunted in mass. Though this time it comes with a cajun flavor, the background to this version of the game being Louisiana.

Game Play

Game play is more or less the same as what was found in the prequel. The game introduces a number of new characters. These new characters are Coach, Ellis, Nick and Rochelle. Coach is an overweight football coach with a bum knee. Ellis is a mechanic and tends to say some of the funnier things in the character dialogue. Nick is a con artist and gambler. Rochelle is a low-level assistant at a television station who was reporting on the evacuation.

There are also a number of new special infected along with level-specific zombies. The level-specific zombies are known as uncommon infected. They are harder to kill thanks to equipment they were wearing prior to becoming infected. These uncommon infected range from zombies wearing riot gear making them nearly bullet proof to wearing hazmat suits that are fire proof. There are also new special infecteds such as the charger, the jockey and the spitter. The old special zombies have been tweaked and modifications have been made to some of their behavior. For example: on some campaign levels, the witch is now capable of wandering around aimlessly, able to strike at any moment.

The game also runs off of a new artificial intelligence known as the Director. The Director does a number of things for the game in hopes of taking away some of the repetitive play troughs found in the older game. The Director forces players through more treacherous paths in the game, basing its actions on the players’ skill level and how they have done throughout. The Director can also manipulate physical elements of the game such as lighting, weather and placement of walls. In effect the director is in charge of how the game flows and encourages players to take longer paths to reach their goal by providing better weapons and more health packs for taking a greater risk.

Valve has made a number of adjustments to the items found in the game. One such addition to the game

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play is the addition of melee weapons such as chain saws, ninja swords, axes and, of course, the frying pan. This adds an interesting component to the game as players have to decide whether to keep their pistols or trade them out for melee weapons. Another addition to the game is the adrenaline shot. This item does not heal characters instead it allows them to ignore their pain and continue to run when their health is low. The bile bomb is a bomb that makes use of the boomer vile; allowing you to coat infected with it, causing them to attack each other.

The Good

There is nothing quite like watching zombie body parts go flying as characters make use of the melee weapons. It has to be one of the more amusing sights to the game. Dialogue between characters is funny and fitting, as they make their way through the game. The AI does a good job of making each play through a unique and interesting experience. It also does a good job of controlling the atmosphere of the game allowing for the correct amount of tension to build before each zombie horde. The bile bomb has to be one of the best weapons in the game watching as a horde of zombies swarm a tank knocking down its health for you is a nice relief when low on ammo.

The Bad

Their really isn’t all that much to say negatively about the game. The one sticking point are the graphics they are not nearly as sharp as they could and should be. Also at times some of the zombies’ movements don’t look entirely natural, rather a bit mechanical.

Whim Rating 5/5

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