Facebook to Test Hiding Likes on Posts

It just seems like Facebook hasn’t been doing well for a while now. Most of the younger generation is either on Twitter, Instagram, or some other social media site like Tik Tok. The older generation (okay, I know there’s some younger people using it but lets be real, its majority rests with the older generations) rules Facebook with a iron fist, with the non-stop posts of cute animals and just some random shit that they may find funny. However, it seems like the days of posting content looking to fish for likes from the masses is about to be over.

The social media giant made it official on Thursday that they would begin the test in Austraila. This would hide all reactions, views, and most importantly likes that a post gets to the general public. The only people that will be able to see the post’s likes will be the post’s author. The same effect will be in place for advertisements as well. The number of views per video will also be hidden to the public as Facebook looks to “remove the pressure of getting likes.” They also are said to be pleased with the results so far with similar tests on Instagram in seven different countries, including Canada and Japan.

It may sound awesome to hide the likes that posts get, so it doesn’t affect the mental health of someone who doesn’t get as many likes as someone else that they may not like or want to one up, but it is also something that people can brag about and puff their chests out like they had gotten their “15 seconds of fame.”

This may seem good right now, and it is succeeding in other countries, but it is going to be an interesting time when the social media influncers are unable to get the likes that they are used to getting when the test is finally introduced to the United States. After all, we are a stubborn country to change.