Samsung Finally Releases Galaxy Fold but Be Careful

We are going back in time folks, and by we, I mean Samsung has achieved time travel back to the days when most cell phones were flip phones, and people had more freedom away from their smartphones. Wait a minute, just change that statement, it is actually still a smartphone, but it is also a flip phone. What a weird world that we live in.

Samsung, after months of delays and years of planning, has finally achieved the dream of the flipable smartphone that they will be calling the Galaxy Fold. They firmly have this warning for those that are brave enough to buy the phone, which is to be very gentle with the product that was postponed due to screen malfunctions with the foldable screen. The screen in question is a 7.3 inch AMOLED display designed with polymer (like plastic) material enabling the phone’s flexibility.

For the “very low” price of $2000, you can own a piece of history that is sure to begin the flip-smartphone wars, seeing who can produce the best smartphone that can fold. The most remarkable parts of this phone are the six cameras, 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage.

The delay in April did have some financial hurt for the South Korean giant, who wanted to jump ahead of Apple during the slow summer months for phones, and it is expected that the phone may have troubles due the recent release of the iPhone 11.

This won’t be Samsung’s last attempt at the foldable phone market, as they are planning to hit it head on with their next Galaxy Fold, which is rumored to be able to fold down to the size of a watch or a “compact square” according to anonymous sources for Bloomburg.

The phone seems to be unique and awesome, but when someone like myself is looking for a new smartphone, I don’t want to read that the phone is to be held with very special care, especially if I am forking out $2000, which could be compared to a down payment on a used car or even quite a few months of loan payments for getting a degree.

If you have the money to throw around, then this phone would be a good pickup, but if you don’t, just stick with the phone you have now, unless you really want to go back to having a flip phone if you break this Samsung.