Yahoo May Owe You Money For Data Breach

Since the dawn of time for the Wide World Web, better known as the internet, there has been one constant figure serving millions upon millions of people for their email services. Well, that friend made a mistake, which could lead to some extra money in your pocket.

Yahoo, the one-time megalord over email, is currently dealing with a class action settlement, which says the company will have pay anyone who had started an account with them in the years of 2012-2016.

However, where or not you get paid will depend on if you actually join in on the lawsuit; it’s not like you can just get free money for something you had, you still have to earn it.

It could be worthwhile for you, as Yahoo is paying out a sum of over $100 million for those affected, which means that most people who will join in on the lawsuit will expect to get around $358 from the settlement, and depending on the situation it could be much more for you.

Another part of the settlement is that you have to be a resident of the United States or Israel and were a part of the settlement class when the lawsuit was filed. So maybe your quick way to money to spend at Quickway isn’t going to happen, but be glad because at least your information was not stolen.

As for those who did have their information breached, then congrats. Your personal information that should have never gotten stolen by anyone in a million years is only worth about $358, and your soul will never be the same after Yahoo probably sold it for their next merger or sale with some random company.