Why It Is Important To Get Your Flu Shot

We are finally around the corner where we skip fall and head straight to winter as temperatures here in Radford have went from the lower 90s to the high 40s in literally a two day period. That also means that it is flu season, and it’s the perfect time for you to get off your rear end and get that shot.

So, you see the title of this article and may ask yourself, “well, duh… of course it is important to get your flu shot.” However, people will still find reasons to avoid it, whether it is the busy schedule that you have, or it’s simply because you just want to avoid the shot, but hear me out.

GET YOUR DAMN FLU SHOT! There is no reason for you not to get it unless you are unable to because of health reasons, and in that case it is even more important for those around you to get the shot.

It’s simple as going to Walmart, CVS, Target, the Student Medical Center, or anywhere else that offers flu shots without appointment. It will only hurt for a second, and you will not only protect yourself from the flu, you will help protect vulnerable people like the elderly and kids who have weak immune systems.

Plus, why would you not want to get your shot and risk that you get the flu yourself, leading to you sitting at home or in your dorm room missing very important assignments. As we head toward the critical part of the semester, where grades matter even more than they did at the beginning of the school year, and particularly so for those who were messing around at the beginning, getting sick is not an option for many students.

I won’t lie when I tell you that people may feel sick after getting their shot, but it will only typically last for a day or so. If it lasts longer than that then you need to be seeing a doctor as soon as possible.

Also, a report from the New York Times on Friday found that Australia just finished their flu season, which was a rough one for the country/continent. Its only a sign that the United States is heading down the same pathway.

So get your flu shot so you don’t get sick or get someone else sick (and possibly kill them).