Behind the Curtain: Gaming Critic

Okay, this has been a very enjoyable series so far but I think it’s time we get to talk about the critics. The ones that probably won’t agree with anything you say, even if that statement is agreed upon by the majority of the audience; there is always that one person who has to ruin it for everyone, but we have to hear their response because of the enjoyment of funny criticism. This week, lets take a look at the gaming critic.

Now, when I talk about gaming critics, I am not talking about someone who is a gaming journalist. While both jobs can be similar and have the same person working both positions, a journalist, unlike a critic, can not be bought out for better reviews. Sorry for the shade, but I’ve seen it too much where a critic will only give a good review in return for some extra green in their pockets.

However, a critic can also be a trustworthy source, who may still seem like an “ass”, but at least they are giving you the best and most honest feedback like they are supposed to do.

Now, the age of the critic has change from just reporting a review only in the newspaper, to the internet, to now where anyone from their dog to their grandmother can critque anything using their smart phones and then posting it on Facebook, Twitter, and/or YouTube.

However in order to be as successful as someone like the late TotalBiscuit, you need to have a great personality that is liked by most and funny as well.

Don’t want to play anything besides sports or shooters? Then too bad, you need to play, and be willing to play, pretty much any game out there that either seems interesting to a small audience, a big hit, or even if the company of a certain game wants you to review their game even if they know it’s going to suck.

It’s just simple, if you want to be a critic then you need to be able to critique even the best games. Just expect to have the popcorn thrown at you.