This is a film I saw as a kid on VHS most people dont know about. Wes Craven a little after he made Nightmare On Elm Street made this film that’s an adaptation of a novel that follows a teenage prodigy who loses his girlfriend to her abusive father, and he attempts to resurrect her corpse, by stealing her body and planting a microchip in her head that reactivates her brain.
Except she comes back unable to speak, and not as herself as she goes on a murder spree through their town against everyone who antagonized her when she was alive. It’s a sort of bride of Frankenstein story if it was set in the 80s. In the last scene of the film, after she is gunned down by the police when trying to protect her boyfriend, he sneaks into the morgue to try to steal her body again and her she springs to life but with her body falling apart and revealing mechanical pieces/parts underneath her skin as she snaps his neck. (A pretty cheesy ending to an emotional horror film) That’s where I got the idea for doing the art here, where her arm is tearing off. .

The original novel’s ending was much better, where the main character and Samantha are corned on a bridge above a cliff by the police, and she promptly tries to throw herself off it, with her boyfriend. While just barely holding onto the ledge the main character understands she wants to die, but wants him to come with her. The book ends just as he lets go and the two fall to their death.