Cujo used to scare the living **** out of me as a kid, I used to rent it from our local movie-starz store on VHS back when movie rental stores were still a thing back in the early 2000s. As I got older I found more love for the film, as it’s a pretty tense film, where Man’s best friend literally turns into your worst nightmare. Just the thought of your pup turning into a murderous monster after being bitten by a bat with rabies is tense enough. (By the way the Orange thing behind Cujo is supposed to be a bat wing)
Later on in life I actually got to meet Dee Wallace, who played the main character/mother in the film, at horrorfind 2012. I found out a funny bit of trivia. They actually had to tie the st bernard’s tail to his leg, because during the action scenes he kept wagging his tail.