California Bans Smoking From Public Beaches and Parks

California has been known as a progressive state for decades with their unique policies. However, this new law may be useful for a lot areas throughout the country.

Anyone who is caught smoking in a public park or beach in California will be facing a fine upwards of $25. The law also includes a ban on smoking electronic cigarettes in those same areas as well, but it mainly targets the waste that is left behind from cigarettes.

California, which has been dealing with wildfires caused by high winds and dry weather that have forced over thousands of people to evacuate their homes, is hoping for a reduced risk for wildfires in the state. Cal Fire said in a question to the Los Angeles Times that within the past five years, 44 fires in the state had been caused due to waste from cigarettes.

While some Californians see this bill as weak since the fine would deter enough people from smoking, others see the bill as going in the right direction. After all, it was denied seven times by the two predecessors before the current governor.

It should be seen as an achievement for the state to pass this bill. After all, most areas have the issue of cigarette waste and hopefully with bills like this across the country, we can see less waste and less fires caused by cigarettes.