Where is the Oil Coming From?

I am sure that you may have heard about the wildfires that are destroying the Amazon forest and the photos that circulated all over the internet, even the ones that were outdated by quite a few years, but now there’s a deeper problem in Brazil.

For more than a month now, oil has been washing up on Brazil’s beaches; some of these are the most tourist-centric beaches in the country, resulting in confusion as it is unknown where the oil is coming from. Another issue is the wildlife that is being affected by the oil, which is Brazil’s sea turtles.

While the origin of the oil and where it is coming from is a mystery, the Energy Minister of Brazil said at an auction for offshore exploration that the oil has a texture similar to Venezuelan heavy crude, and that the oil most likely leaked from a ship.

Venezuela’s state run oil company denies any involvement in any spills that could have occurred in the area, stating that there are no records of any spills or accidents on their end. However, Venezuela is dealing with a constitutional crisis that has no end in sight, and any accidents that may have happened could have been covered up.

As for total damage from the spill, it has spread across all nine states in Brazil’s northeast and killed over a dozen sea turtles. In thanks to Projeto Tamar, Brazil’s best-known wildlife conservation projects, over 800 baby sea turtles were saved from going into the sea after hatching.

As of now, Brazil’s navy and federal police are investigating the spill, and for now it’s a clean-up effort to help the wildlife and the beautiful beaches of Brazil.