Popular Messenger App to Keep Running

We all have our favorite ways to message someone, whether it is through text message or on a social media site. Kik is one of those popular sites that allows their users to host and join various chatrooms and to talk about a variety of topics (some of which are not even rated R). We know that chatrooms have pretty much evolved over the years into more successful apps, but that doesn’t mean that all of them are safe.

Kik Messenger, a popular social media messenger app, was bought out earlier this week by MediaLabs, according to a blog post on their website. As for what MediaLabs is, they own various social media sites and apps that are similar to Kik.

However, MediaLabs did state in their post that they would be discontinuing a few features on Kik due to various bugs on the app. Features like video chat and third-party bots would be removed for the bugs in the app, but there’s hope that those features will return in the future.

It was originally announced in September that Kik Messenger would be shutting down due to the owners of the app, Kik Interactive, having a looming lawsuit from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over illegal and unregistered offerings of cryptocurrency. This lawsuit was in due to the company’s sale back in 2017 that saw the company raising over $100 million.

The SEC has previously battled and won against Tesla and their founder, Elon Musk, due to his tweets on Twitter, leading to Tesla’s stocks dropping in value for the time being. Musk nearly had to resign as CEO before coming to an agreement with the SEC for him not to post anything about Tesla in the stock market on Twitter.

It seems like this is a win win situation for everyone involved. Kik Interactive can now focus on their cryptocurrency and users of Kik Messenger won’t lose contact with those that they have gotten to know.