Mental Health Days Becoming More Widely Accepted

Mental health is a hard topic to talk about, whether you have experience working with it or if you don’t even understand it fully.

Lately, more and more schools across the nation are becoming more accepting of mental health days. Even laws are being considered by various Congresswomen and men proposing that schools allow mental health days to be considered as a excused absence, like having the flu or a doctor’s appointment.

Now, we may be at the time where more and more schools are focused on attendance, as that’s where they get some of their funding from and low attendance rates will also equal less money, but we are also at the point where schools are asking more and more out of kids and teens who just need a breather like the rest of us.

We aren’t in the times anymore where mental health wasn’t considered until you was in a psych ward for something crazy that may have been done; we now know that humans are more human than we thought, and we have emotions and feelings that differ between every individual.

So, why not allow mental health days? Everyone, even those young kids, need a day or two off once in a blue moon. Even as most countries have a four day week while the United States still has a five day work week. Humans don’t look weak by just taking a day off for their health.

Even myself, who works in a position where I deal with mental health on a constant basis, even thinks about skipping a class from time to time just because of a hard and long day.

It’s okay to be human and miss that one class as long as you know there’s no test or quiz that day, and you don’t make it a habit. A mental health day will go a long way in helping you.