Is Vaping Dangerous Enough to Ban?

The vaping ban is a huge issue affecting a lot of people that vape. There are a lot of people that vape, and this ban is affecting business owners of vape shops. There’s a lot going on within the news about black market THC cartridges that people are using that are causing pneumonia because of chemical additives called clippers. Now, RU’s SGA is proposing a campus-wide ban on smoking and vaping, so I asked around to find out what people’s opinions are of the ban of smoking and vaping on the campus level and of the vaping ban on the state level.

West Bowers: smoker, says “smoking and vaping is bad for you”, we just only know that smoking is bad for there are studies that show the effects of long-term smoking. Opinions on the vaping ban are only going to make problems worse

Spencer Fink: vaper, “says that vaping is better than smoking”. He claims that vaping helped him quit smoking and says that smoking has too many additives that make him cough and hack up a storm as to why he got tired of smoking. Says that the vaping ban is stupid and is problematic to people that want to stop smoking.

Josh Williams: smoker, prefers to smoke for he tried vaping. Says “that with all the mess that is popping up about vaping he just prefers to smoke and claims that vaping never really helps more than just deters the curve that leads you back which is what happened to me”. The vaping ban is no different from the prohibition, its all a control game from the big wigs.

Carmen Scott: vaper, says “I prefer vaping because cigarettes stink, and vaping gives more options, heathier and no defects”. FDA approval of addition CBD. Believes the ban on vaping is stupid, for it hinders the people that have anxiety because vapes have the option to use CBD oil which that helps out with a variety of health issues particularly mental issues.

With the opinions gathered from the talk of the ban on vaping and smoking, the individuals that were asked about the ban are in a negative taste with it. There is a lot of information to be gathered, but it can be agreed that people are not a fan of the ban.