Behind the Curtain: Sales Representatives

We are winding down on the Behind the Curtain series, and while this has been such an enjoyable thing to write about, all good things must come to an end. Thank you for being a part of the journey so far, and let’s get into this week’s Behind the Curtain.

A sales representatives is the way it sounds, which is basically someone or something that tries to get you (the consumer) to buy a product. Now, to look at it from the video game standpoint, this would be your local GameStop or mom and pop store. Before the times of being able to buy games and/or films from the comfort of your homes, you had to get off your ass and go to one of these stores.

I remember growing up and going to my local Movie Gallery to buy cheap video games. I didn’t care if they were used games as long as they worked like they should, and of course I never had any problems with them.

Now, Movie Gallery’s purpose wasn’t to sell but to be in the business of renting, just like Blockbuster, and that’s what led to their downfall when Netflix came on the rise.

Back to the current day sales representatives, and they are facing the same threat as did Blockbuster. As more and more games become available for purchase online, it eliminates the need for the consumer to head out to a brick and mortar store for their video game needs, unless they need the game system itself.

Businesses like GameStop are closing multiple stores by the day as they are unable to keep up with the times; however, the mom and pop stores like the Super Game Station on East Main Street just outside of main campus have found the one thing that you cannot buy online: Nostalgia.

The things you can’t buy anymore in stores or even online are most likely located in your local small town gaming store. Things like a Super Nintendo, SEGA gaming systems, and so on. They even have the newer games in their stores as well as they base their business on buying and selling gently used products.

You can buy these products on websites like eBay, but you risk the fact that the product may not work. However, these small gaming businesses will make sure you buy a working product that you can enjoy for years to come.

This is becoming the last of the sales representatives in gaming as technology takes over more and more like expected. However, just like big businesses like Blockbuster fell, the last ones that will be standing are the small town stores.