Hotel Raddy?

Radford University President Hemphill made an exciting announcement about a R.U addition. There is a development happening in Radford concerning a hotel that will be located at the cornering area of Tyler Avenue and Calhoun Street. The exact setup of the hotel is still a topic of discussion, but what was said was that the four buildings located on the strip will be leveled and replaced by the hotel. There will be at least 125 rooms to accommodate a huge amount of people, a conference center for gathering, a rooftop restaurant for a great downtown oversight of Radford and on-site parking. The future hotel is said to have amenities that no other hotels will have. With this hotel being within walking distance to campus it will be hard to match it. This idea is set to take drive in 2020 to 2030 and in high confidence in President Hemphill’s words “I am confident that our campus will serve as a wonderful backdrop for area visitors and University guests. Imagine standing on the top floor of the hotel in the rooftop restaurant and seeing the beauty and excitement of our campus.” The hotel in Hemphill’s vision will rebrand Radford into a river campus featuring a bridge and new traffic pattern on the university drive. In hopes of addition to Radford if the Board of Visitors approve of it, will shine new light on Radford University. The use of having an on-campus hotel practically will provide ease for donors, parents and or sports fanatics of The Highlanders in of support Radford University.