The two biggest coal mines in United States shut down

In a long era before our times, coal was king and was used for dealing with all electricity needs until better methods were found and the health risks with mining coal were found like black lung where your lung is caked in black dust. So, it shouldn’t be a huge surprise when a coal mine is shut down permanently but it is not every day that the two biggest coal mines in the entire country have shut down within one month. The coal mines which are located in Arizona and Pennsylvania were shut down due to regulations and lack of buyers. The good side here to look at is that these two retirements have equaled the total amount of emissions drop that occurred in 2015. It is also a sign for the country as coal usage in the United States alone has dropped by 76% since 2000. Global usage has also fallen 2% since the beginning of the decade. The U.S. is also unlikely to build any more new coal plants but the ones that are in use currently, don’t have a retirement date as of now since it would affect some state economies badly, West Virginia would be in a recession without coal which is why the state needs to continue with coal production. But states like Arizona and Pennsylvania have found more electric needs besides coal and they are shutting down those coal mines mentioned above. Just because the United States has lower their usage doesn’t mean that other countries around the world are slowing down. Countries like India and Turkey have picked up the production rates in their countries as they try to catch up with the industrial world. Coal won’t be dying out anytime soon, it is still needed by so many even though we know of the ecological damage that it does to our planet. We have continued to educate our future about the dangers of coal while trying to help those in the coal mines who will need to eventually find a new career. Having a fund for the miners to go back to school whether it is a trade school or college would be a good start for ending coal usage in the United States.