A compilation of unexplainable feelings, but in writing.

= Dipped in This =
I’m about to dip.
This stress ain’t it.
My mind is starting to freeze and with every step i take, i slip.
This just ain’t it.
I’ve bitten through my lip.
I’ve clenched through the flesh in my grip.
I ran out a while ago and wasn’t feenin for a hit
Until i came face to face with the grits;
Eyes unloading clips.
This ain’t it.
It’s not in my blood to call it quits
And it took a while for it to click
That that’s not what this is.
This is nothing i did.
This is divine intuition.
This is learned how to listen.
This is recognition.
This is all it is.
But this? This here? This?
Ain’t it.

= Bubba Guts =
Fill me up a Bubba cup of healing.
Let the unfiltered stream flow directly to my
And butter up my insides; specifically the good kinds.
Maybe that will be what makes them clean.

= Untitled =
We’re overdue for some sunshine.
Though the melancholy attached with the rain
Brings me a peace i can not find
In any other kind of day.
Late afternoon when the moon breaks,
I hear a subtle ‘at ease.’
Close my eyes and then i’ll see
The joy of sun rays for me.

= “hey” =
Just stopped by to say hey.
Ask you about your day, and
If you’ve piled too many things on your plate,
Or if you can’t get enough of the lack of space.
There’s none between us,
By the way.
Let’s not take a trip down memory lane,
Or over-examine all of the yesterdays.
Let’s pray.
And wait.
And in the meantime, let’s try and stay still.
Let’s test our wills,
Try not to get caught up in the thrills, or get
Thrown by windmills.
I only mean to say what is on my mind, and it’s to be assumed i speak
From my soul in these now times, so i offer
And apology if the meanings you take begin to
Of the softhearted, the peaceful, and
The understanding,
The multifaceted.
Well i only just came to say this so i’ll be on my
Maybe you stay.
Maybe i’ll be the one that prays.
And waits.
Maybe it’s better that way.
In any case,
It is always good to stop by and say ‘hey.’