Happy Cinco De Mayo, Radford!

No, you didn’t read that headline wrong. I did just wish you a happy Cinco de Mayo in February, but that’s only because of a brand-new addition to Radford’s line up of restaurants: Happy Cinco de Mayo Bar & Grill. Located at 1121 East Main Street, Happy Cinco de Mayo is right in the center of Radford’s bar life, and it’s within walking distance of Radford campus. The restaurant opens at 11:00 AM every day, and it stays open until 10:00 PM on every day but Sunday, when it closes at 9:00 PM instead.

Happy Cinco de Mayo has a wide variety of Mexican cuisine, including enchiladas and fajitas (which I can personally endorse as being very tasty). The house margarita is also worth a try; it’s a delicious mix of sweet and sour, and it’s my personal favorite margarita (though in the interest of transparency, I must mention that I am by no means an authority on margaritas). The restaurant boasts daily happy hour specials, including 99₵ tequila shots each night, discounted margaritas on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and other deals throughout the week. There are also daily deals on food items, which are listed on a white board in the restaurant’s front window.

Happy Cinco de Mayo also has a fairly large vaping and smoking section, which has its own bar and is about equal in size to the non-smoking section of the restaurant. Both sides of the restaurant have multiple large screen TVs available for customers to watch, which makes the bar a great place for hanging out and watching a sports game or two of your choice.

At this point in the semester, May probably seems like it’s impossibly far away, but for those in need of a reminder that the month will be hear soon, Happy Cinco de Mayo might be worth a visit.

Photo from the “Happy Cinco de Mayo Radford” Facebook page.