Drum Tao Performance

The Radford Drum Tao show was presented on February 12, 2020. This was a performance that showcased traditional, Japanese culture. During the entire show, there was a tremendous amount of energy that you could feel with every beat of the drum. The bass that echoed throughout the room was intense, and you could feel the power from it. This bass could be felt through the feet, chest, and heart. The performers presented acrobatic tricks which were exhilarating, especially when they used suspension wiring and pretended to fall from over 20 feet. The power that you could feel just from your seat was euphoric, particularly when they got the crowd involved with the music. If I could sum up the show in one word, it would be vibrant. The costumes were just amazing, specifically when they brought out the red samurai outfits. On top of that, other performers were wearing geisha outfits and playing the flutes. This showed the hard work and dedication that went into to providing this great show. If there was another show that would play at Radford or even in the vicinity of my area, it would be guaranteed that I would go because it’s a fun time. Watching this show makes you feel energized. Alexis, a senior at Radford University, said “It was an exhilarating performance. I enjoyed the energy that the performers had during the whole event. I liked how engaged the performers were with the audience, and they had some comedic moments as well. It was interesting that the performers were the ones going around promoting their merchandise to the audience during breaks. Drum Tao is definitely a group I will be looking more into in the future.”