Where Have You Bean All My Life?

Part One of an Ongoing Segment:

A typical day at RCC

Radford isn’t the biggest city, but if there’s one thing we have options for, it’s our coffee. We have local shops, chain locations, convenience stores, and niche stores. Anne and Rylee, amateur coffee connoisseurs, have decided to take on the task of reviewing and rating these shops in our new segment, Where Have You Bean All My Life? We hope that our comments help you in your in your quests for good coffee.

Located at 333 West Main Street, Radford Coffee Company is just far enough away that their consistent stream of customers can’t be written off as mere popularity by convenience. RCC has a wide variety of specialty lattes, as well as all the classic coffee shop items you’d expect to find. The store also has loads of delicious food, from sandwiches to pastries, and it’s a great place to stop for breakfast and lunch. The RCC is also a part of a program that funds education for children in Nicaragua, so you can rest assured that the money you spend there is going to a good cause.

It also has one of our favorite atmospheres, blending small town charm with the indie ambiance that all coffee shops seem intent on cultivating. Rylee especially likes the novelty salt and pepper shakers, “They never fail to make me smile.”

The repurposed walls grant the shop an industrial-chic vibe that’s fairly unique in this area. On the whole, it’s one of the easiest places for us to get our work done. Yes it’s a little loud, and there’s always ambient noise, but there are almost always tables and comfy chairs available, and there’s room to spread out if you need to.

According to Anne, “Radford Coffee Company is the quintessential Radford coffee establishment, and it is by far the superior one because it combines delicious coffee, good food, and good ambience, which is a winning combination in a college town. It’s constantly packed, which I think speaks to their excellent quality and good value, and while their hours are minimal, I believe in quality over quantity. I’d rather they be open for a shorter amount of time and serve delicious things then be open extremely late hours and have their quality tank.”

All in all, we’re giving Radford Coffee Company 4.5 out of 5 coffee cups. If you haven’t visited already, you should definitely check it out. It’s worth the visit.

*Our incredibly accurate ranking system*