Where Friends Go: Sharkey’s

Are you tired of cooking every day during this pandemic? So much is going on during this traumatic time. Restaurants are closing to help with social distancing, and certain grocery stores are constantly running out of food.

Sharkey’s Wing and Rib Joint in Radford is aware of this and has implemented different ways to stay busy and help during this time.

Sharkey’s is located in Blacksburg and Radford VA. They have been known for their wings, ribs and burgers in the New River Valley since 1992.

Although customers cannot dine in at their restaurant at this time, they are offering take-out and delivery options for those who still want to eat their food.

Additionally, for those who still like to have a good time, they have added beer and wine to their take-out and delivery options with a valid ID.

Free delivery of food, beer, and wine are available to the Town of Blacksburg and the City of Radford from noon to 11:00 pm daily with a purchase of $15.00, minimum.

For those of you who do to not want to physically go into the restaurant, curbside pick-up and Grub Hub services are also available. Grub Hub service is where they will personally call or text you when the order is ready and have you come to the door instead of inside of the restaurant.

You can make your order by phone and their team will take care of the rest.

Tons of Radford students are still placing their orders with their favorite wing joint. Kierra Washington, a student at Radford, ordered from them over the weekend and thought the food tasted better than before.

Washington says “with COVID-19 and restaurants closing, it’s good that Sharkey’s is taking the initiative to still accommodate us. We love this place. Food and all.”

Manager AJ says that they are aware of the difficulties that they may face as a restaurant. They have implemented many deals such as the Pick 2 for 22, Wings and Fries, Wings & Beer, and many more.

From a manager’s standpoint, they are taking all the necessary precautions that they can possibly take. They are taking every staff employees temperature as soon as they walk in the door per shift. It is mandatory that every employee have their own bottle of hand sanitizer on them at all times, and staff makes sure that everyone is changing gloves throughout the day.

Now they let the customers check their own food, instead of going through the order with them to make sure it is correct and that they are receiving what they paid for.

Another small but big change that they have been doing consists of changing to bottled sodas instead of fountain drinks. They are no longer buying and using fruit or stocking ice.

So far they are still doing fine. Mondays will always be slower than a Friday or Saturday, but anything can change in a moment.

AJ feels that there is a possibility that their business could be in danger, but it is too early to tell. Sharkey’s is currently working off of limited staff at the moment, and it will most likely be that way until June 10th.“When all this is over, we’re going to have one big party.”

Nobody can predict the future, but as the “back of the house” manager, AJ and her colleagues are willing to do everything they can to get back to the restaurant they were before: a vibe you can’t get anywhere else, and a place where good friends go.