“The Skinny Girls”

Catey Mlynski

Photo by Taylor Simpson on Unsplash
"The Skinny Girls"

Chipped periwinkle painted toes
Line up perfectly behind
the laminated pebble marking
that reads five feet.

The water will be ice cold,
this I know, but it cannot sting
worse than the questions
the skinny girls ask me
about my pale skin and one-piece suit,
or the bruises and bug-bites
on my legs,
like I could possibly have an answer
that will satisfy them.

Yes, I want to swim
like the other kids,
especially to escape today’s
eighty-degrees. Mostly, though,
I ache to hide this chubby,
freckled body that offends the
skinny girls.

The skinny girls went shopping
for two piece swimsuits together.
The skinny girls like how their ribs
poke out underneath their purple
sequined string tops.
The skinny girls were tan
before school let out for
summer break.

Summer break, my personal Hell.
Maybe that’s why it’s so hot here.

Catherine Mlynski is in the second part of her junior year as an English major here at Radford. From the time she could read, she spent hours memorizing her favorite stories and poems. She has read so much of other writer’s work, she feel that now it is time for her to create some of her own.