“Writer’s Block”

Carli Wadas

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash
"Writer’s Block"

A pencil skitters across the cluttered desk
Teeth marks dot the soft wood
Tense sighs send papers tumbling away
Along with thoughts leaving the brain
Blood heats up, head pounds
Teeth grit, eyes shut
Hands curl into fists
Blankness weighs the mind down like an invisible hand
Hopelessness, anger, despair
A light bulb shines
Illuminating dark corners of the mind
Cleaning off cobwebs
Sighs turn to gasps of promise
The pencil is retrieved
The papers obediently return
Thoughts, ideas, structures all pour out
And coalesce

Carli Wadas is a sophomore here at Radford University. She has always loved to write stories and poems and she dreams of becoming an author. She is incredibly excited to share one of her favorite poems and short stories with the world!