Demon’s Greetings

Yasmeena Makki

I walked into the room
And was greeted by my demons.
Each as beautiful and dark as I remember,
They flashed Colgate smiles and
Extended a hand down memory lane.
I looked in remembrance 
Of the adrenaline,
Of the fall, the pain.
The bruises still visible on my ego

No matter what corner of the room I ran to,
I was met with the ghost of the past. 
Haunting me with familiar touches to the flesh,
Be it only for mere seconds.
Sending a familiar jolt through my body
That I knew was wrong, but it felt so good. 

I walked into the room, 
And was greeted by my demons.
Twisting lies around my mind, 
Like they used to twist the curls of my hair 
Around their fingers;
Effortlessly, carelessly, and stealth like.
The very same tactics that trapped me before:
Hidden agendas decorated and disguised as compliments,
The accent of their lies coated in the dialect of my love language, 
Sweet words of affirmation.

But amongst all the demons,
Stood the most beautiful one I could never let go.
He stood before me and looked in remembrance, 
In satisfaction,
In hunger.
As I looked in disbelief,
In shock, 
In submission. 
He slithered over, and spoke my name
In the most vile, seductive tone. 
I was lost in a trance, 
Facing my demons
And there was nowhere to run.