Flash game distractions

With this semester winding to an end, and as exams and exam stress begin to wind up, take a moment to relax and play some of the simplest games around: flash games. Flash games can be found at a number of sites, some better than others, but the vast majority are fun.


Kongregate is one of the more popular flash game Web sites. The reason for its success in an area that is overly-saturated in flash game portals is its achievement system. Yes, achievements for flash games. They work much like the achievements for Xbox live or the PlayStation Network. This site also offers a large variety of games, which is updated every week, and it offers a number of featured games.

Some examples of good stress-relieving games that can be found on Kongregate are Music Catch and Music Catch2. The Music Catch games are rather mellow and sedate. Classical music plays in the background as you try and catch certain notes while avoiding the red ones and getting everything else. For people looking for a more violent way to relieve their stress, there are always games such as Sonny2 and Last Stand 2. In Sonny, you play as a zombie trying to regain your memories while you fight through a strange world. In Last Stand 2 you are fighting off zombie hordes as you make your way through cities trying to find other survivors, weapons and food.


Miniclip is one of the older flash game Web sites, and it has aged well. The Web site keeps constantly updating to change with the times. One of the nice things about Miniclip is their seasonal games. These holiday games are usually well-made and rather amusing to play. Miniclip also sports a selection of multiplayer flash games.

Miniclip’s stress-relieving games also extend from the sedate to the violent. Among their more sedate games is Bubble Trouble. While it is an older game, it is still plenty of fun. You play as this little red guy and you make your way through a series of puzzles that you must solve using your gun to pop bubbles at the right moment, breaking them down gradually to nothing. If you get hit by a bubble you lose; a simple and fun concept. One of their more violent games is Commando 2. It is the second game in the series where you play as a Commando on a mission in the Middle East. You move through this side-scrolling flash game, fighting enemies and bosses along with way. Some of the boss fights can be extremely annoying.

These Web sites are just two examples of the many flash game Web sites out there. So when exam stress starts weighing you down, just take a break and wander over to one of the many flash Web sites out there. They offer stressed students a great way to relieve some of that built-up tension. Just don’t procrastinate too long.

Cover and story photo from Creative Commons