Battlefield Bad Company 2 the demo

Demos are not normally given a full review of their own. That being said, the demo for Battlefield Bad Company 2 demanded to be reviewed if a game can demand such things. The demo offers a fast and dirty sneak-peek of what is to come in this best-selling series that follows those known as Bad Company.

Game Play

The previous game ends with your team managing to capture their objective, though as players quickly discover what the retrieve was, just a dummy run. The crate is empty, and the mission rendered pointless. Bad Company is once more out on the field of battle as they move to intercept the shipment once more. The game features what is being called “destruction 2.0.” This is an upgraded version of the game’s original destruction system. Destruction 2.0 is a clear step up from the original destruction system, allowing you to not only blow up walls and doors and pretty much everything, but also allows you to bring down entire buildings. Along with this new system, they also added a bunch of new vehicles to the game. Such vehicles are an unmanned aerial vehicle, an improved light tank, quad-bike and personal watercraft. Each of these vehicles allows people to play the 10 hour single-player campaign differently. Battlefield Bad Company 2 is one of the only Battlefield games to have blood without use of a third party patch. New items were added to the game. These new items also add a new element to this game, especially for the support classes. Medics can now revive downed soldiers on the spot with a defibrillator that can also be turned into an instant kill on enemy soldiers. The time in which medics can revive a downed ally is very limited, since it has to be done before they re-spawn. The assault class is now able to drop ammo for teammates to pick up.

The Good

Multiplayer game-play is fast and intense. There is little room for error, which forces new players to get used to the system, and fast, since there is no hiding to wait for the game to slow down. Everything is destructible: trees, buildings, and most importantly, people. While what little of the soundtrack has been released in the demo does not sound nearly as good as the original game, it does show some potential. Though one does miss the catchy beat of the original that always welcomed players on the loading screen. Sniper class feels like it has been much improved from the first game, while movement is still slow when crouched the developers decided to speed it up enough so the sniper could be a bit more mobile when getting into position. UAV is both a fun, and annoying new addition, allowing you to fly silently over the heads of enemies and rain down shots, or fire hell-fire missiles at them.

The Bad

The UAV is too powerful. Unless you get off a lucky shot or two, the UAV will dog you the entire game, silently getting kills from just about any where it seems. Since this is a demo, there is no telling how much the final game will improve this unfair advantage. The controls at times can seem a bit sticky; your character moves a bit when it isn’t suppose to. Hopefully, this is just a bug that is affecting the demo, and not the greater game at large. Beyond those two minor issues, it is hard to find anything in the demo to complain about.

Final Thoughts

Though the demo was purely multiplayer if it is any indicator how the single-player portions of the games are to unfold, then the second installment of Battlefield Bad Company looks to be an intense, though short, play-through. A lot has been made over the announced short single player campaign, though without the full game in hand, it is hard to make any decisions on such a short campaign at the moment.

Whim Rating 4/5

Cover and story photo from Creative Commons