Top 5 useless USB devices

Here are my top five useless USB devices. They range in size, function and pointlessness. Hopefully they will have everyone wondering who thought these were a good idea.

5. USB Coffee Warmer

This one made it to number five, depending on what type it can serve as a hub for your USB ports. Still, anyone can see the problem with having a hot plate sitting next to a computer. This seems like a fire waiting to happen. It would take a couple of seconds at most to go refresh a cup of coffee. There really is no point to this device at all.

4. Flower Pot Speakers

Apparently, speakers were such an unsightly thing that a company somewhere had to figure out a way to hide them: flower pot speakers brought to you by Thanko, a Japanese company. It would seem simpler just to find some place to hide the computer speakers when you weren’t using them. After all, when has a fake flower really added anything to a room?

3. USB Greenhouse

Since the last one was about fake plants, it is only fitting that this gets the number three spot (At least the flower pot speakers served some sort of purpose). This, on the other hand, serves next to none. It would seem that growing an actual full-size plant that didn’t drain power from your computer would be much more reasonable, but apparently not. Though this does have one advantage for the forgetful, the device will remind you to water the plant on a set schedule.

2. USB Missile Launcher

While not useful in the least bit, this is one of the more amusing items to make it on the list. The USB Missile Launcher allows one to shoot plastic missiles at those annoying people who just tend to hang around with nothing better to do. It does this through the USB port and control software that comes with the toy. Once the software is loaded, it brings up a fake tracking screen which allows you to direct the missiles toward your intended target.

1. USB Chameleon

Now this little device is utterly useless beyond belief. The entire purpose of this device is to add to needless clutter around a computer. I guess the flicking tail and moving eyes could be somewhat amusing, but the company ShinyShack does not even allow you to pick your own color. The chameleon would be so much more awesome if it could change colors, but it doesn’t.

These are just some of the examples of the useless devices you can use to plug up one of the pesky USB ports that you could be using for something useful. There are a ton more of these devices floating out there, each more useless and pointless than the last.

Cover and story photo from Creative Commons