Ever sent a text message you wish you could take back? Well now you can, thanks to Tigertext. Tiger Woods probably wishes he had this smart phone application; it would have certainly lessened some of the evidence that helped secure his scandal in the mind of the public.

While ironically named, Tigertext was not named after Tiger Woods. The developers at least claim they came up with the name prior to the Tiger Woods scandal.

On to the application itself, Tigertext can be purchased in the iTunes application store for free. Using the application is not free; one has to purchase an unlimited texting plan from the developers. They base these plans on monthly or yearly charges. Unlimited texts for a month will cost users $1.99, and unlimited texts for a year are $19.99. You can purchase these plans through the Apple app store. While it costs to send texts using the program, receiving them is free.

Tigertext works differently from how phones normally send texts. Instead of the texts being saved in multiple places, it is all stored on the Tigertext server; where after a certain amount of time the texts are auto-deleted. That isn

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