Rumor mill: Microsoft phone

With Microsoft recently releasing its own mobile operating system, it was only a matter of time before they took a bigger step into the mobile phone market. Rumors have begun to circulate that Microsoft is developing its own phone. This phone will, of course, use the Microsoft mobile OS.

This rumor makes sense with Google recently announcing its own phone. Its release date is looming in the not-to- distant future. It would not be shocking in the least to see a release on Microsoft’s part, if nothing more than being a veiled attempt to compete with Google. With Google pushing more and more into territory usually held by Microsoft, this could just be the early signs of an all out war between the two companies.

This rumor also takes credence in the fact that it seems like Microsoft is dipping its hands into just about every market out there, as far as technology is concerned. For example, their recent and successful reach into the console market for video games. This is putting pressure on some better-known companies such as Sony and Nintendo. As phones advance to the point where they are mini-mobile PCs, it should be no shock that Microsoft would want to step into this arena. They would face old-time foe Apple and the new challenger, Google. What better way to compete with them than in a market that is constantly changing by the year? This way, if one phone is a flop, they at least have the safety net of their phone OS being so widely used across many different carriers. This actually gives them a benefit that other companies may not have. They have an existing relationship with cell phone providers; something Google will have to foster and grow on its own.

Cover and Story photo from Creative Commons