Beatles Rock Band

Beatles Rock Band features what could possibly be considered one of the most well known and most recognized games worldwide. With its release there was a brief resurgence of interest in the band. This was partially due to the release coinciding with the anniversary release of Abbey Road.

Game Play

The game play is straight forward. If you have any experience with Rock Band, then you should have no problem playing this version of the game. There is basically no learning curve at all, although the game is a bit more sensitive than other editions for this reason. The game does have one new feature of game play, and that is the harmonies. Now up to three different people can sing certain parts of a song, allowing for the game to mesh their vocals into a harmony. Harmony parts are in orange and actual lead singer parts are in blue.

Character creation has been cut. For some people this may be a down side, but the game is purely focused on the past artists so it makes sense that they would remove character creation and customization. There are no clothes to unlock/buy since The Beatles will be wearing the stage clothes they wore when they originally preformed the song you select. This is especially true for the story mode, which follows the career of The Beatles up until their last gig at Apple Corps.

The Good

The game has a nice, flowing feel in story mode. They did a really good job of replicating the career of the Beatles. The harmonies add an interesting aspect to the game, making for a bit more difficult game play. There is a “no fail mode” where you can play through the songs without worrying about messing up.

The Bad

Like with all Rock Band games, I feel like they could have put a bit more effort into the graphics. I get that graphics aren’t their main selling point, but it doesn’t look like they have upgraded or changed them from their initial release. Character customization, or the lack thereof, was sort of a disappointment. It does make sense why they wouldn’t have it. However, I wanted to make The Beatles all have mo-hawks.

Final Thoughts

The game is fun and easy to play. The no fail feature makes getting through it extremely easy, if that is your goal. Harmonies make for a fun diversion from the normal band set-up and hopefully will be included in later games.

Whim Rating: 4.5/5

Cover and story photo from Creative Commons