Wu-Massacre album review

Meth-Ghost-RaeWu-Tang Clan fans had much to cheer about in 2009. Fans saw Ghostface Killah’s Wizard of Poetry, Method Man on his joint effort with Redman on Blackout 2, and the most highly-anticipated rap album of 2009, Raekwon’s Only Built for Cuban Linx 2.

Now it’s 2010 and the three Wu-Tang artists decided to do a joint album after their label, Def Jam Records, recommended they do so off of the buzz from the year before. Wu-Massacre was one of the most-anticipated albums coming into 2010 due to the fact that (arguably) the three best MCs from the group would make a full-length album.

Fans that went out and purchased the album on Tuesday were greeted with a choice of three different album covers drawn in comic book form of all three artists. After making the decision on who the fans desired to be in their CD case, it was time to relax and listen to some good music.

Coming in at 12 tracks (two of them being skits) totalling just under 30 minutes, most would feel ripped off for buying such a short album. However, on the opening track

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