How much more 3D do we need, Nintendo 3DS

After its launch of the DSi XL last month, Nintendo made an announcement concerning the successor to the wildly successful DS system. The system’s current name is 3DS. The system will be compatible with DS and DSi games. Supposedly, the new handheld will allow users to experience games in 3D.

The 3DS reportedly will not require glasses to work. The specifications of how exactly it would work are vague at the moment. There are some current games out for the DSi which induce a 3D-like illusion. These games use head tracking through the DSi’s second camera. This head tracking allows for the game to modify what is displayed on the two screens, giving you the illusion that you are somehow peering into the screen. It is thought that the 3DS will make use of this technology, along with some newer development tools.

This new 3D platform is both exciting and tiresome at the same time. The DS system was the best selling handheld for Nintendo ever. So not only are they continuing the line and updating the graphics, but they have gotten hooked into the 3D craze, which is the tiresome bit. How much more 3D, do people really need? Everything is going 3D and it looks like there is little hope of this ending any time soon. There really isn’t that much to go on about this device, other than they have decided to go 3D, which seems a bit unnecessary.

What is known about the 3DS is that it will most likely have two cameras, given the fact that it will be compatible with the DSi games, which require two cameras. It will look fairly similar to the current models of DS out there. Details are vague, but more is expected to be reported at the Electronic Entertainment Expo(E3) in June. Until then, we will have to wait and speculate just what this new handheld will bring to the market.

Cover and story photo from Creative Commons