The Staff


Kaileigh Ashby

Kaileigh Ashby is a senior originally from Northern Vermont. She is an English major and plans to attend law
school in a few years. She enjoys music, writing, motocross and laughing.


Rachel Klein
Managing Editor

Rachel is a junior majoring in special education and English. She was born in Maryland but raised in Stafford, Virginia (which is not, contrary to popular belief, part of NoVa). In her increasingly limited spare time, she likes to read, run, and make people look at pictures from her semester in Scotland.


Lauren Young
Head Copy Editor

Lauren is a sophomore English major.


Camden Lazenby
Arts & Entertainment Manager

Cam is a freshman English major who is currently being trained in the art of journalistic warfare. Beware.


Julian Guerra
Opinion Section Manager

Julian is a junior from Springfield, Virginia. He is a political science major whose dream job is to be a political
comedian like Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert. Either that or get paid to test video games.

Becca Staff Photo

Becca Lynch
Campus Life Manager

Becca is a freshman psychology major from Fredericksburg, Va. She has no intentions of telling you her likes
and dislikes. As for her dream, she never really thought of any. She has few hobbies.

Haley Waggener
Science, Tech & Health Manager

Haley is a senior in the English department with no hope of leaving school in her lifetime. She loves
traveling and learning about traveling. Also, traveling.


Steve Furtado
Photo Editor

When Steve isn’t busy being an EMT and saving lives, he likes to wander campus and observe from behind the lens of a camera.


Samantha Rorke
Assistant Photo Editor

Samantha is a sophomore majoring in graphic design from Leesburg, Virginia. She hopes
to do graphic design work for Disney after college.


Caitlin Lewis
Graphics Manager

Caitlin is a junior majoring in art education from Richmond, Virginia. Β In her free time,
she enjoys photography, painting and playing softball.

Becca Wright
Marketing Manager

Becca is a Sports Administration major, a sister of Alpha Sigma Tau, she likes Netflix, reading, and cooking.
Her hobbies include soccer, naps, and comedic relief.


Christopher Huntington
Web Manager

Chris is a senior Information Systems major from Christiansburg, Virginia. He is a member of the Cyber Defense
Club at Radford University, and likes to spend his spare time competing in cyber defense competitions.