The Staff


Becca Staff Photo

Becca Lynch

Becca is a Junior English major from Fredericksburg, Va. She has worked for Whim since freshman year when she was the Campus Life Manager. Now, she enjoys shutting elevators on people, eating Oreo Mint Milkshakes from CookOut, and waging Nerf war on the rest of Student Media.

Janie Maitland
Opinion Manager

RK pic

Rachel Klein
Head Copy Editor

Rachel Klein (right) is a senior special education major, currently interning in the seventh grade at Dalton Intermediate School in Radford. She has worked for Whim off and on since freshman year, moving from opinion section manager to managing editor to head copy editor (where she is now).

She also serves at the professional development chair for the Student Virginia Education Association. In her increasingly limited spare time, she likes to read, run, and watch movies (preferably of the princess variety). After graduating with her bachelor’s degree this spring, she plans to get her master’s in special education next year — and hopes to keep working for Highlander Student Media.


Camden Lazenby
Arts & Entertainment Manager

Cam is a sophomore communications major who is currently being trained in the art of journalistic warfare. Beware.

Danika Padin
Campus Life Manager

McKenzie Gibbons
Science, Tech & Health Manager


Sydney Crawson
Photo Editor

I started at Whim as a photographer the fall of my freshman year. Now a year later I have taken the position of photography editor. I am a sophomore Elementary Education and Dance major. I am also involved in Radford’s Student Government Association as Senator of the College of Visual & Performing Arts. I enjoy photography as my hobby and using Whim as an opportunity to photograph Radford’s campus.


Katie Gibson
Graphics Manager

Katie is an art education major from Burke, VA. She is also a giant geek, president of the Board Game club, and is obsessed with superheroes.

Erin Profile pic

Erin Cafferty
Marketing Manager

Erin is a Public Relations major with dreams of traveling all over the world. She has been riding horses for 15 years and has a passion for intelligent conversations and political discussions.