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I Once Heard a Blind Man Laugh

Cars clamored, jacks hammered, citizens stammered through the city streets, which were alive and functioned like a rusty gear, stiff and forceful.

People rushed to and from with technology that works by thumb, and I could see that even some had bags of products that must have cost gold.

Nobody was smiling.

Image from Creative Commons.

Even myself with optimistic eyes, fiddled with my phone with absolute despise, the warranty that of course implies that should a problem come to arise such as a biker thugs crack the phone in two, perhaps someone cooked it a stew, or a meteor comes crashing down causing an explosion that sends my phone into a burning abyss till its demise.

Or in this case if my battery dies. Continue reading I Once Heard a Blind Man Laugh


Graphic by: Alex Morgan

I thought I was strong,
I knew who I was,
Only living for you,
Nothing could shake me,
But changing for you will.

Then I got comfortable,
Lost in my mind,
Stuck in the motions.
Things started changing,
And made my head spin

Who am I becoming,
And what have I done?
The world spins around me,
Pushing on my heart,
And changing my Desires.

Questioning my whole life,
And wondering why,
While new thoughts arise.
Does God want this for me,
Or is the devil in my mind?

Lost and found

I was once in a state of utter stray.

My heart, though strong, could not find the way.

No light for me could seize the day.

I could not find my own path.

The seasons seemed so bleak and unclear.

The elements could see, for this was clear.

My way in this world I could not steer.

I was lost, forgotten, I had no path.

I believed in the thing I could not find.

Fought for it, thought of it, it swarmed my mind,

Though I couldn’t make up for lost time.

It seemed I’d never find the path.

Then came a day brighter than any.

I could see light, all around and plenty,

The darkness that seemed so sure and so empty,

Now turned bright to light my path.

Hark! Angels sing of that glorious day.

A day so glorious, so true and sincere,

That gods themselves shed true tears.

What seemed as though I’d never find,

Now appeared before me so beautiful and kind.

Peace enveloped my bewildered mind,

As all seemed to be made clear,

I felt as though I’d never shed a tear.

For sadness no longer would appear,

And happiness would be all that’s here.

Sealed by fate and chosen by love,

The soul of a fairy, the heart of a dove.

The soul of a dragon, a heart full of love,

Showed the path mentioned above,

I was lost, and then found. My one and only,

True Love.

Dedicated to Amber Marie Estes

Cover graphic by Alex Morgan

Looking to the sky

The sky is clear tonight,
as I look into its great space.
Remembering how far you really are,
and knowing that the closest thing
to you is the stars at which I gaze.

That one shines so bright.
Hoping you’re in the same place,
looking at the same star.
Hoping it will bring
me out of this haze.

Such a beautiful sight
I could never replace;
wish I could capture it in a jar.
On this moment I want to cling
and be in a daze.

This would be right
if I could see your face,
but you are so far.
What will this bring
for the rest of our days?

-Kasey Sutphin

Cover graphic by Alex Morgan